[USS Vanguard] The Old Renewed

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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 01:21:43 -0000

Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: USS Vanguard; Crew Quarters, Engineering.
Time: During "Holotable" (Kieran).

[USS Vanguard; Crew Quarters]
As Mandrake moved down the corridors, with a spring in his step, he could just 
close his eyes and imagine the feeling of a hot sun beating down upon his neck, 
filling him with warmth. It was the start of a beautiful day, or at least it 
sure felt like one.

Last night had been fun and he had welcomed the change of atmosphere aboard the 
ship that it had brought. One thing left him curious though. What ever happened 
to Lt. Kahn? One minute she was there and he was off getting everyone some 
drinks, and the next, she was gone! He was still thinking about it when he 
arrived at her quarters.

Waiting for several minutes at her door after pressing the door chime, he was 
certain of either three things, either she'd had a little too much to drink the 
night before, she was ignoring him or she was already up and about. He decided 
to leave a note.

Cynan: "Computer, please record the following and send to Lt. Kahn, Thank you."

Computer: "Achnoledged."

Cynan: "Hi She'Ra ?, last night was pretty wick eh, but one minute you were 
there and then next.. you'd left me !! ran out ! without a word ! heh. I sure 
hope it wasn't something I said. Anyway I'll catch you later. Nice chatting 
with you again, and thanks... Computer, end message."

Computer: "Message saved and sent."

..And with that, he was on his way. Next stop. Engineering.

Upon arriving he went straight over to Vokar and proceeded to take up last 
night's conversation concerning the ships navigational systems and the 
modifications he was proposing.

[Flashback; Last Night]
Cynan: "Well Vokar, lately I've been doing some thinking. What if the computer 
core ever goes offline and we still need to manoeuvre this baby with the speed 
and precision that it allows?"

Vokar: "Well.."

Cynan: "I wanna be able to pull off evasive manoeuvres as well as she can and 
better. I wanna be able to fly her on my own Vokar. I wanna be as free as I 
possibly can with her, and I believe that this idea can help realise that."

Vokar: "It..."

[Snip from "On a Pale Horse" (Andy)]
"...is an interesting idea. Never thought of it myself." Mandrake's
eyebrows were raised as Vokar stood by, nodding. Counselor E'thexx and
Highwaij stood by, sipping their drinks and pondering the conversation.

Santos snuck up on Mandrake and clasped him on the shoulder noisily. It
was the sort of "Well met, hearty fellow!" gesture he hated from his
former superior officers, but now he understood why they did it. It was
funny. And he couldn't help it.

"What's an 'interesting idea,' Helm?" Santos boomed, he nodded to the
others, who nodded back.

"Well...nothing, sir. Let me work on it some and get back to you."

"Sounds fair. I'll leave you to it, but let me know."

Cynan: "And thats precisely what I want to do! But in the form of a surprise, a 
demonstration. Lets marvel him and explain later. What do you say?"

He was of' course taking about the way that early navigational systems used 
foot peddles to help control the craft that they were attached too. Whilst the 
core was up and running on the Vanguard, and indeed on any Starship, the 
computers handled most of the more complex tasks but when they down, there was 
no way a single pair of hands could manage the ships controls fully by 
themselves, and this, was what Mandrake sought to change.

Vokar: "I still have to think about this Cynan. Leave it with me, o'kay?"

Cynan: "Sure... just don't leave it too long buddy, I'm getting excited over 
here! ;)"

He left Engineering thinking of the early flying machines that used to soar in 
the skies of more primitive cultures, of the control, the wind in their hair 
and the danger that glinted in their eyes and brought a sparkle to his own.

On his way up to Bridge he could have sworn that he'd seen Kieran ducking in 
and out of the crowd, which reminded Mandrake that he wanted to pay him a visit.

Cynan: "Mandrake to Darkwater, have you got a minute?"

Kieran: =^= "Sure, go ahead Cynan." =^=

Cynan: "Well I was just wondering when you had a minute, if we could arrange 
that lil tour of your weaponry that we talked about the other night. I'd really 
like to take a look at some of your more rarer pieces."

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