[USS Vanguard] Return Leg

  • From: Kieran Darkwater <kierandarkwater@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 23:26:36 +0100 (BST)

=^= "Control to Warp-Sled Apex." They'd barely reached the atmospheric 
boundary, waiting for the sudden darkening of the photo-reactive screen as they 
passed through the van Allen belts, when the call came in.
=^= "Apex here, go ahead control." Kieran answered, a curious eyebrow raised.
=^= "Be advised, Apex, Command reports that your target vessel has altered 
course and begun a return journey. Command considers the possibility of 
deception slight. You are to rendezvous with the Vanguard and report bak as 
soon as possible."
=^= "Understood, Control. Apex out." He closed the channel with a swipe of his 
finger as the warp-sled banked gently, passing the lunar orbit boundary for 
warp-travel, and suddenly Jupiter appeared to leap past the veiwer as the 
streaked out towards the ship...
<After Docking>
Having reported that all appeared well on the ship, Kieran led Shar down to the 
messhall with the intent of introducing him, only to walk in on the tail end of 
something as Mandrake stalked off past them without a word.
"Mr Mandrake," Kieran offered, as much of an explanation as there was. "I would 
say you'll get used to him, but you won't...
Ladies and Gentlement, Lieutenant Shar, our new Intelligence Officer."
OFF> Time to say hi to the new guy, everyone :)
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