[USS Vanguard] Mere Suggestion

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  • Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 20:25:14 +0100

Lt. Cmd. Cynan Mandrake.
USS Vanguard; Event Horizon.
After "Planned ignoring" (MJ).

Subject: Mere Suggestion.

[Event Horizon] 
[Snip from "Planned ignoring" (MJ)]
She growled deep within her throat, "You are such a pain!" she blurted out.
"Lets make this easier,  what else can I do for you tonight?" she asked. She
was starting to like him so she wanted him gone fast.

"Well you know" he started, "I thought we could go somewhere.. quieter" he
finished with a coy smile.

"How dare you!" MJ shouted slapping Cynan across the face. "What type of
girl do you think I am?!"

"A rash one" he replied as he turned his reddened face back towards MJ with
clearly angry undertones to his voice. His eyes narrowed and piercing.

"Boy you're.." MJ started.

"I thought that we could go and look at that data. It's important to me.
However, you are clearly busy so I will leave you to it" he continued, not
giving her a change to respond. He pushed away from the table and walked
away, off towards the doors, leaving MJ muttering several words behind.

"Up to your old tricks again, Mr Mandrake?" Des called from across the bar
as he walked past.

"See you later sweetie" he replied blowing her a kiss. Desdemona chuckled to
herself and carried on about her work. Cynan continued on his way to his
quarters for a much needed rest. That is, if he could stop thinking about
his descendants on Earth and where his people had come from and of' course,
the good Doctor herself, Xristha Droin.

[To Be Continued...]

OoC: Jonathon. If you are still up for that session then just bump into my
char. or something?

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