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[From my last post]

"Rea wasn't as lucky. He turned around in time to see the wave on top
him. His eyes went wide. Soman was the only one who saw him at that
moment. For a second, Rea seemed to change form. Then Soman's
assailant, Mr. Rea, disappeared."


When they opened their eyes, Chad Rea was gone.

"Will *someone* care to explain to me what *that* was all about!"
Denville D'Angelo insisted.

Blix, the Vorgon leader, simply turned around as if the others weren't
there and headed toward sickbay.

He walked past Dr. Droin and Elizabeth Merchant--who both stared after
him--and moved toward Capt. Dominic Santos.

The security detail, with the other Vorgon in tow, caught up with him
just as he placed a small disk on Santos's right temple.

"What are you doing!" Merchant raged, moving toward him. In a flash,
D'Angelo was next to her, ready to restrain her, but he didn't need to.
Blix moved from one side of the biobed to the other, without appearing
to move at all.

They were all so stunned, they simply didn't move.

Droin noticed Soman and forgot her scientific curiosity, although she
seemed torn between watching what Blix was doing to her patient and the
other person who needed her immediate attention.

"Hop up," she told Soman, patting a biobed. "And let me see that wound
of yours."

"It isn't bad," Soman winced, but he was already climbing up on the

"What makes him so important that you would do all this for us?"
Merchant asked Blix.

After an interminable silence, Blix looked up at her.

"It is all well," Blix said. "The future is no longer in any danger."

He nodded at his female companion, and together they strolled toward
the transporter room. Soman looked at Droin, who sighed, but nodded at
him. Together, they followed the Vorgon.

When they reached the transporter room, Blix ascended the platform.

"In some years' time, your Captain Dominic Santos will help create a
treaty, a treaty with the Federation's deadliest enemies..."

"The Romulans?" Droin asked.

"The Dominion?" Quetan asked.

They were silent.

"The Borg," mouthed D'Angelo tonelessly. They all turned to look at
him. Blix said nothing.

"According to the history of whomever you read, this will end either in
utter failure, or it will result in the greatest superpower the galaxy
has ever known.

"We were here to make sure that Dominic Santos lived to fulfill his
best destiny."

"What happens to us now?" Quetan asked, stepping forward. "What have
you done with Earth?"

"It is safe," Blix said. "When he saw the danger you were in, we
removed our vessel and the Vanguard to another reality, cut off from
the earth. When we return to our vessel, we will disengage our..."
Here, the universal translator failed to translate the Vorgon phrase,
and the Vanguard's logs recorded the conversation as a series of clicks
and whirls. "...and return you to your reality."

"Wait! There's more we want to know," Merchant pleaded.

The Vorgons nodded at the party and disappeared in a gold shimmer.

Out in space, the Vanguard suddenly reappeared to the Mars Defense

In sickbay, Dominic Santos opened his eyes.

[Some time later, follows the Away Team group post.]

The away team flashed into existence and then out again.
Santos: "McCaw. Whats wrong?"
McCaw: "I'm not sure. Its like there is someone else... no wait,
Mandrake is slightly out of phase with the rest of the group - but I'm
compensating." ...

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