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Lt. Highwaij
USS Vanguard
Following Who's patient Zero

As Highwaij had been in the lab for the past few hours, and send out the 
logs, he kept studing it,
as he found some medical reports with a few words he didn't understand 
"Medical trems probalby" he said
to himself. He looked at the reports and send them to sickbay, perhaps their 
CMO could use them.

"Highwaij to Droin, I'm sending some medical reports we found, I don't 
understand them perhaps you can"he said
"I'm sending them right now"

A few moments later they where send as Highwaij went back to his work. He 
looked at all the mess he still had to look in.
he thought about it to stop for a moment and walk out but then he stoped at 
the last moment before opening the doors.
No there was to mush to do, and what happend on the other ship, he wanted to 
find it out. His curiosety was bigger, then his will
to stop for a second.

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