[USS Vanguard] RPG: Relief

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Capt. Trevor Elis
USS Vanguard
After "Metaphor?

Commander Soman Drath smiled and nodded at Desdemona.

"Thanks for the ear," he said affably.

"Leaving us so soon?" she asked.

"Well, I've got a long day tomorrow."

"Oh, poo. Well, sleep well, then. And, y'know, if you see Xristha, send her my 
best." Des winked.

Soman chuckled but reddened. "Will do."

As he turned toward the door, it opened. There stood Trevor Elis.

Soman's eyes went wide.

"Captain!" he said, feeling guilty. But, of course, why should he? He wasn't 
doing anything illegal or immoral. As a matter of fact, all he was drinking was 

"Commander," Elis nodded at Soman, brushing past him and making his way to the 

Soman looked after him, shrugged and left.

Elis walked up to the bar and slowly took a seat on the very end.

Desdemona made her way toward him.

"You must be the new captain everyone's talking about," she said with a 
mischievous, almost flirty, smile.

Elis continued to stare at the bar menu. He pointed at an item near the end of 
the Beverages list and said, very quietly, "I'd like a Vulcan spring water, 

Des put her hands out as if to ward him off.

"Whoa, don't go all crazy on me!"

He might have smiled, but she wasn't sure. If he had, it existed about as long 
as an antimatter quark in the universe.

Des looked under the bar, studying the long train.

"Ah, here we are. That's A-1 prime stuff. I get a quarterly shipment straight 
from the Vulcana'r Spring."

"Of course you do," Elis said.

Desdemona couldn't be sure if he were being sarcastic. She decided to let it 
pass, but his mood darkened hers a bit.

"I'll leave you to your drink in peace," she said, smiling wryly. She turned to 
walk away, but as she did so, he asked, "You're most unusual for an El-Aurian."

She turned back to him. He continued to stare down at his glass of water.

"How did you know I was El-Aurian?" she asked. "Wait, never mind. It's in my 
security file, right?" She pointed a finger at him.

He sipped his water, slowly, before responding, taking so long to answer 
Desdemona had begun to think he wouldn?t.

?Call it a hunch,? he said quietly. He nodded at her, unmistakably ending the 

Desdemona walked to the other end of the bar to confer with her other 
employees. The next day?s duty shift was discussed, but Desdemona found herself 
glancing back toward Elis. He never moved.

[The next day]

At 0700, Elis strolled on the bridge. He was pleased to see all bridge officers 
going about their business quietly and efficiently.

?Captain on the bridge,? Mandrake announced without turning around.

Soman approached Elis.

?Sir, arriving in orbit in 30 minutes.?

?Order all department heads to assemble their teams; prepare the teams to fan 

?Have them get to work as soon as we have safe transport zones. Use any 
shuttles we have.

?Rotate teams on six-hour shifts?Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta. And let?s go 
where we?re needed most.?

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