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A few notes about the current mission:

1. First of all, allow me to welcome Tony Kavan as our new Chief Petty Officer. 
Tony sent his application a while ago, and we?re only now introducing him, 
getting all the details ironed out, etc. He?s practiced the patience of a 
saint, and for that alone, I appreciate it.

However, he?s come up with a BANG-UP application, and I?m eager to post it (by 
Friday) so that I can show all of you, too.

Let?s give him a hearty Vanguard welcome!

His character will be introduced during the course of this mission.

2. I envision this mission as one where all the players can take part as little 
or as much as they want. If you can imagine a war-torn planet, you can envision 
a role for your character somewhere.

I won?t be taking a hands-off approach, though, as I?ll be nudging your 
characters in certain directions and setting up different scenarios, etc.

3. What this mission isn?t: It ISN?T my views or my opinions on the US 
situation in Iraq. Was it inspired by it, in some small way? Yes, I think so.

And while my feelings about the invasion and occupation are ambivalent, to say 
the least, I think it would be in extremely bad taste to roleplay that scenario 
in a Star Trek-based roleplaying game, even as American, British, and Iraqi 
lives are being lost.

But we have seen, of course, that the UFP engages in relief efforts. I think my 
biggest influence in crafting this mission was Alexa?s ?relief mission? for 
Droin during ?Year Out," and not the American/British occupation of Iraq.

The players in this game are all smart, mature, capable people who have 
roleplayed some incredible posts. I just wanted to see how you would deal with 
your characters in a more realistic setting with higher stakes.

If you have any questions or comments, as always, I am available to you.

Thanks again for believing in this sim and each other and for giving me a 
reason to smile when I check my email every day.

Best wishes,

Andy Ho

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