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**Desdemona Barrett-Brown and Trevor Elis**
*****     Event Horizon Lounge        *****
**Simultaneous with  Children of the Past**

Dedemona settled herself into a chair in the otherwise
empty Vanguard, sipping a cup of hot Oolong tea and
watching with avid fascination as Trevor Elis pruned a
terrestrial orchid.  It was not the action at which
she marveled, but rather the context, which was this: 
the Vanguard was presently hurtling through a Borg

Since resigning his captaincy and taking on a civilian
position as a xenobotanist, Elis had somehow managed
to loose all interest in the goings on of the Vanguard
other than those which brought him in contact with new
species of flora.  So complete was his disinterest
that Desdemona was almost positive that he currently
had no idea where the ship was or what it was doing. 
When the Vanguard finally began to shudder under the
stress and he slammed his pruning clippers down in
annoyance, Desdemona laughed out loud.

"What?"  Elis looked around at her.  "Have I done
something amusing?"

"Kid, you've got no idea," Des put her cup down on the
table, and it clattered to the floor.  She rose,
steadying herself against the rocking ship, and went
to his side.  "Has it not occurred to you that we
could get blown to smithereens any minute now?"

"Thought had crossed my mind," Elis admitted, absently
sliding a had around her waist while giving the orchid
an apraising study.

"And knowing that, you're still interested in touching
up this little flower--"

"Mormodes colossus," Elis supplied.

"Right.  We could be blasted to space dust at any
moment and you really care if your mormodes colossus
plant is all trimmed up?"

"Well, if it is the last thing I do in this life, it's
worth doing right, isn't it?"

Desdemona chuckled.  "You have been spending entirely
too much time around me."

"I'll be the juduge of that," Elis grinned back at
her, but the smile had vanished from her face.  "Des? 
What's wrong?"

The ship had stopped shuddering and Desdemona looked
around her as if expecting a change.

"Des, what is it?"

"We've moved through time.  I'm almost sure of it."

Elis straightened up, running a hand through his
short-cropped hair.  He knew that Desdemona, an
El-Aurian, was sensative to temporal changes among
other things.  He had come to trust her instincts as
well as he did his own.

She went to her console behind the bar and tapped a
key.  The message played on the bridge only a few
seconds before echoed through the almost-empty lounge:

=/\= "Greetings, Vanguard! We are tri-honored and have
hap-expecting you! It is not every due day that we
have the chance to 
meet-encounter our ancestors. We pray-hope you will
join us..." =/\=

They stared into each others eyes as they listened to
the relayed message.

"Curiouser and curiouser," Desdemona said quietly.


OoC:  giggle, giggle... I was planning on writing and
posting this tomorrow, but it wanted to be done
tonight.  Andy, thanks for the fire, and the lighting
thereof under my non-posting behind.  :)

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