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Capt. Dominic Santos
Following: "Behold, the Ark..." [Great title, btw!] and "Priorities"

A Starfleet captain is expected to play many roles: peacemaker, counselor, 
warrior, naval commander, historian, friend, and in some cases, surrogate 
mother or father.

All too rarely during Vanguard's tour did Santos get to be one of his 
favorites: diplomat.

He tugged at his uniform and cleared his throat.

=/\= "This is Captain Dominic Cesar Santos of the Federation timeship Vanguard. 
To whom do I have the honor of addressing?" =/\=

=/\= "Captain Santos! My name is Moira McCaw, First Consul of the Federation 
colony New Vanguard. It is indeed a privilege-honor to make your encounter." 

Santos looked around the bridge. The crew were riveted to this message.

Zena appeared at his side. "'Moira McCaw,' eh?" She grinned.

Santos shrugged and nodded at Highwaij. Highwaij nodded and opened the 
communication channel.

=/\= "First Consul, we feel the same. Perhaps we can meet face-to-face and 
discuss our mutual...er, history..." =/\=

=/\= "It would be a grade-A delight." =/\=

=/\= "If you would be kind enough to transmit the coordinates, let us say, one 
standard hour at a place of your choosing." =/\=

=/\= "We anticipate-look forward to it, Captain Dominic." =/\=

=/\= "Vanguard out." =/\=

At that moment, Cynan Mandrake, Sam McCaw, and Kieran Darkwater emerged on the 

"What the hell is going on?" Mandrake asked.

Santos cocked an eyebrow. "Didn't expect to see you three so soon."

"We'll fill you in later. What's this about a New Vanguard?"

Zena Quetan said: "We appear to have crossed some sort of temporal threshold. 
Best we can tell, we are approximately a century from our last temporal 
coordinates. The inhabitants of the planet below claim to be our descendants."

McCaw nodded. "We just emerged from a Cardassian-held planet into the 
arboretum. There were children. The plant life appeared overgrown. Then it 
disappeared and now, here we are."

Santos frowned. "And the Ark?"

"Yes, but later," Darkwater said.

 Santos nodded. "Zena, Shar--you're with me." He tapped his comm badge. =/\= 
"Doctor Droin, meet us in Transporter Room One." =/\= He turned to Cynan 
Mandrake. "Commander, you have the bridge."

Santos, Zena Quetan and Shar headed for the turbolift. As the doors closed 
behind them, Mandrake turned to Kavan.

"Does this mean I can shoot something with our phasers?"

Kavan shook his head.

(45 minutes later)

As the star-shower faded, Santos, Quetan, Droin and Shar emerged. Santos was 
stunned by their surroundings.

They stood near a tranquil stream of turquoise water, in a field of red and 
white flowers in full bloom.

A majestic mountain range in the distance towered over a nearby community of 
sturdy structures made from what appeared to be brick over steel 

Children frolicked with creatures that appeared to be some cross between a 
Terran dog and a Terran raccoon. They emitted some high-pitched yelps as the 
children ran back and forth.

Santos made out trees that towered into the sky with low-hanging branches that 
reached back toward the ground. Overhead, he saw a flock of black-feathered 
birds that appeared to be crosses between heron and duck. Their iridescent 
wings shimmered as they passed.

The sky was as blue as the ocean on Earth and dotted with clouds that traversed 
the sky lazily.

Santos focused on the group of people standing in front of him. Out of the 30 
or 40 sent to greet the away team, he made out a woman with what were obviously 
Trill markings on the side of her face. She smiled and peered around the 
shoulder of a taller, sterner looking man wearing a straw hat. Tall & Stern 
removed his hat and Santos was not surprised to see pointed ears.

They wore tops and bottoms of a simple weave, accented by simple earth tones: 
light khakis, pale tans, muted green and simply gray. The only exception was 
the woman standing at the front of this group, who wore a colorful red sash 
over her simple white dress. She appeared to be about 30, but that was hard to 
judge. Holding the hand of a child, she stepped forward.

The child held a straw basket bursting with flowers--yellow and rainbow hues. 
She came forward shyly and said, tripping over her words: "From the pe--people 
of New Van...Van-gird. Greetings. We open...our...arms to you." She held the 
basket over her head and offered it to Zena Quetan.

Zena took the basket and dropped to one knee. She looked the girl in the face 
and smiled, brushing her copper hair off her forehead. Santos couldn't help but 
notice a very slight, hardly noticeable ridge on the girl's forehead.

"Thank you," Zena said gently. "What's your name?"

"Alisha," the girl said. She turned and ran back toward the woman in the red 

The woman approached, came within ten feet of Santos's party, then clasped her 
hands together and bowed from the waist.

Taking a cue from Santos, Zena, Xristha and Shar all did the same.

"We, your honored descendants, bring greetings to our ancestors from the 
timeship Astoria-Vanguard."

"Er..." Santos began, but Xristha nudged him hard on the shoulder to shut him 

The woman spread her hands. "I am Moira McCaw, First Consul of New Vanguard. We 
have foretold this day for generations. Come, you must meet with us."

Santos and Zena exchanged a look, thinking the same thing: "Foretold"? By whom? 
And more importantly, how?

Santos looked at Shar, who nodded. "It appears safe enough, sir."

Moira laughed. "Of course it is 'safe'!" She said "safe" with a playful mocking 
of Shar's tone but remained cheerful. "We are your family! Come, let us off!"

They started toward the New Vanguard settlement. Santos turned to Zena.

"Let the senior officers know they can start coming down. I'm sure they're 
curious. No shuttles, conceal any weapons. Tell them to keep their questions to 
a minimum and simply observe. But to be careful." Zena nodded. Her fingers flew 
over her PADD as she transmitted Santos's orders.

He turned to Droin. "Start taking bio-readings, but be subtle."

Droin grinned. "Aren't I always?"

"Log your findings."

Santos looked toward the group of people who claimed to be their descendants 
and sighed, grinning.

"Let's go."
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