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woops! I was writing my post kinda late last night and I just noticed I
promoted Chris lol CO is XO hehe oh well, I thought I'd done too well not
making any mistakes :-)

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> Lt. Zena Quetan
> Quarters
> Following Andy's Mission Briefing
> Zena woke to the sound of the computers voice informing her it was time to
> get up "computer, lights, half illumination" she mumbled as she rubbed her
> eyes.
> Stretching slightly and yawning she slid out of bed and headed straight to
> the replicator "Raktajino, extra cream, extra sweet" the replicator buzzed
> and within seconds the drink appeared. Picking it up she wandered over to
> her computer terminal to check her messages.
> Scanning the list she saw one from her sister, three from members of her
> department and one high priority message from the Captain. Taking a sip of
> her drink, she selected the latter. A mission briefing appeared...
> Zena read through the briefing, out loud in parts.
> <snip>
> ...Due in part to these factors-and internal strife stemming from the
> equality movement--leaders have suddenly taken a "hard-line" approach
> to the gender-equality issue.
> Lt. Zena Quetan will lead the delegation to Angel One, which will
> include all female senior staff. Lt. Quetan's primary mission is to
> re-establish positive relations with Angel One. Her secondary mission
> is to locate any relevant information concerning the disappearance of
> the Carolina...
> <end snip>
> "So I'm leading the delegation huh" she thought to herself, taking another
> sip from her drink.
> Zena quickly created a message for all female senior members of staff, as
> well as the Captain, CO and Ensign Darkwater to be at the main briefing
> at 0800 hours for a meeting regarding the mission, after sending it she
> stood and walked over to the bathroom to get freshened up and ready for
> day.
> **An hour later**
> Zena had read through everything they had on Angel One, she had
> relevant data to a padd for quick reference if it was needed "computer,
> time?"
> "The time is 0750 hours" the lifeless voice replied. Zena ran her hands
> through her hair pushing it back before standing.
> Picking up a few padds she glanced in the mirror on her way out and headed
> to the turbolift.
> **Briefing room**
> Zena walked in, everyone was present and chatting amongst themselves. She
> took her seat and they all settled down ready for business
> "Good morning everyone, As I'm sure you're all aware of our new mission
> regarding Angel One. I just want to run over a few things before we get
> there to make sure we all know what we have to do upon arrival"
> She paused and then begun again "As you've probably noticed, I haven't
> involved all senior staff in this meeting, just the ones who will be
> me on the planet, and of course the Captain and Cee-oh to keep them in the
> loop" She turned and smiled at the two.
> "From the Captain's mission briefing you will have seen that only female
> officers will be visiting the surface, but I would also like you *turning
> Darkwater* Ensign to be present, your expertise will be needed, we will
> have to tread carefully around them....unless you would be willing to pose
> as a woman? I'm sure you would look great in a wig and make up!" she said
> with a grin
> Everyone laughed, Kieran blushed slightly. Zena continued...
> "Tails I would like you to select 2, maybe 3 female security officers to
> accompany us down there, I don't want too many staff, it may overwhelm
> but I would like a few extra in case they're needed"
> Tails nodded in agreement
> "We'll take things easy with them and respect their wishes, we need to
> their trust, I know we would like some information about the missing ship,
> Carolina but we don't want to push our luck, just be alert"
> Everyone nodded
> OOC: (If anyone wishes to add anything etc feel free)
> The meeting lasted approximately 45 minutes, after they finished going
> through procedures and studying up on Angel One's laws and rituals they
> their way to their duties.
> Bridge staff took their posts ready to leave the Starbase at the Captain's
> command
> END.
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