[USS Vanguard] Preparing for Angel One

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Lt. Zena Quetan
Following Andy's Mission Briefing

Zena woke to the sound of the computers voice informing her it was time to
get up "computer, lights, half illumination" she mumbled as she rubbed her

Stretching slightly and yawning she slid out of bed and headed straight to
the replicator "Raktajino, extra cream, extra sweet" the replicator buzzed
and within seconds the drink appeared. Picking it up she wandered over to
her computer terminal to check her messages.

Scanning the list she saw one from her sister, three from members of her
department and one high priority message from the Captain. Taking a sip of
her drink, she selected the latter. A mission briefing appeared...

Zena read through the briefing, out loud in parts.

...Due in part to these factors-and internal strife stemming from the
equality movement--leaders have suddenly taken a "hard-line" approach
to the gender-equality issue.

Lt. Zena Quetan will lead the delegation to Angel One, which will
include all female senior staff. Lt. Quetan's primary mission is to
re-establish positive relations with Angel One. Her secondary mission
is to locate any relevant information concerning the disappearance of
the Carolina...

<end snip>

"So I'm leading the delegation huh" she thought to herself, taking another
sip from her drink.

Zena quickly created a message for all female senior members of staff, as
well as the Captain, CO and Ensign Darkwater to be at the main briefing room
at 0800 hours for a meeting regarding the mission, after sending it she
stood and walked over to the bathroom to get freshened up and ready for the

**An hour later**

Zena had read through everything they had on Angel One, she had transferred
relevant data to a padd for quick reference if it was needed "computer,

"The time is 0750 hours" the lifeless voice replied. Zena ran her hands
through her hair pushing it back before standing.

Picking up a few padds she glanced in the mirror on her way out and headed
to the turbolift.

**Briefing room**

Zena walked in, everyone was present and chatting amongst themselves. She
took her seat and they all settled down ready for business

"Good morning everyone, As I'm sure you're all aware of our new mission
regarding Angel One. I just want to run over a few things before we get
there to make sure we all know what we have to do upon arrival"

She paused and then begun again "As you've probably noticed, I haven't
involved all senior staff in this meeting, just the ones who will be joining
me on the planet, and of course the Captain and Cee-oh to keep them in the
loop" She turned and smiled at the two.

"From the Captain's mission briefing you will have seen that only female
officers will be visiting the surface, but I would also like you *turning to
Darkwater* Ensign to be present, your expertise will be needed, we will just
have to tread carefully around them....unless you would be willing to pose
as a woman? I'm sure you would look great in a wig and make up!" she said
with a grin

Everyone laughed, Kieran blushed slightly. Zena continued...

"Tails I would like you to select 2, maybe 3 female security officers to
accompany us down there, I don't want too many staff, it may overwhelm them,
but I would like a few extra in case they're needed"

Tails nodded in agreement

"We'll take things easy with them and respect their wishes, we need to gain
their trust, I know we would like some information about the missing ship,
Carolina but we don't want to push our luck, just be alert"

Everyone nodded

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The meeting lasted approximately 45 minutes, after they finished going
through procedures and studying up on Angel One's laws and rituals they made
their way to their duties.

Bridge staff took their posts ready to leave the Starbase at the Captain's


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