[USS Vanguard] OoC: The Next Mission

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PREMISE: The secret's out. Paying a totally unexpected visit, Qbed (pronounced 
"cubed" or "Q^3")--galactic vagabond, young Q-in-training, occasional companion 
to Chief Engineer Sam McCaw, and one of the galaxy's most powerful 
beings--visits at an inopportune time, looking for Santos, McCaw and her old 

Along the way, a misstatement to the young Qbed results in the entire crew 
being whisked back to Starfleet Academy, at the age they were when they 
attended (usually 18-21/22).

I'd like to give the crew the chance to get to know Qbed a little more, since 
all the missions we've proceeded with Qbed have resulted in the mission 
proceeding on a tangent, away from our characters' chance to interact with a 
member of the Q Continuum. Therefore, Ree (Qbed) is welcome to play with us as 
a student at the Academy.

Also, our characters will not know anything is amiss and will be at the Academy 
at the same time.

They will be working toward the goal of passing their Kobyashu Maru(!)...and 
finding a date to the Spring Formal to celebrate the end of term (and taking of 
the Kobyashu Maru). Any questions about the KM should be addressed to me, 
although I think the KM may have changed quite a bit since Kirk's day.

Alec and Ree, if you would like to joint post with Santos or if you would like 
to ask any questions, please feel free to email me.

Mark and Mel, I will be emailing you both in the next day or two. I have some 
Vanguard issues I'd like to discuss.

My thanks to Alec for helping me formulate the idea and to Ree for agreeing to 
reprise the character of Qbed once more.


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