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OoC: I received a very good email to request that I give everyone some
idea of how I envisioned each mission would begin, how it would
proceed, and how it would end. I've always hesitated to do that in
order to keep some sense of suspense, but I realize how it would help
everyone shape their posts and also provide structure.


En route to the Borg homeworld, the crew of the Vanguard are most
surprised to encounter a temporal anomaly after an accident forces them
from the Borg conduit.

The crew find themselves near a virtual Utopia, a pristine M-class
planet settled by their descendants. (They are aware of a similar
situation encountered by the officers of Deep Space Nine and a
not-well-documented incident occurring with the crew of the original
NX-01 Enterprise.)

As gravity appears to be weaker in some parts of the galaxy more than
others, space-time appears to be weaker around New Vanguard (as the
descendants have named their new home). New Vanguard's inhabitants
claim to be the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren(?) of
the Vanguard's crew, whose accident left them stranded at New Vanguard
nearly a century ago. (Record keeping is spotty, as it would be

Both amused and bemused by their situation, the Vanguard's crew enjoy
meeting their offspring and the family trees that have ensued. But soon
a darker picture emerges: Some of the crew learn that New Vanguard's
inhabitants support trying to escape this world (as their forebears
did), while others oppose this idea, having grown to love their new
world and the society they've constructed.

The crew soon find themselves choosing sides in the battle between the
Off-Worlders and the Settlers.

Unanswered questions that you don't need to explore but may explore, if
you choose: (1) Isn't it a paradox that the accident that allowed the
Vanguard's crew to meet their descendants was the accident that created
the descendants in the first place? (2) Could New Vanguard's weak
space-time account for this paradox? (3) If a weak space-time allows
paradoxes like this to exist and yet New Vanguard's inhabitants to age
and grow, what other effects might there be? (4) How have non-Terran
aliens like Zena Quetan, Kieran Darkwater, Shar, Ceelak Nostrova, Jaav
E'thexx, Desdemona Barrett-Brown and Xristha Droin dealt with this situation?

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