[USS Vanguard] Home Again

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  • Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2003 11:18:34 +0100

Lt. Cmdr Jaav E'thexx
Ship's Counselor 
Main Shuttlebay, USS Vanguard
The engines of the Paris - Class Shuttlecraft Kamakura whined as they powered 
down.  There was a gentle but deep thump as the craft settled against the 
Vanguard's deck plating.  Counselor Jaav E'thexx rubbed his eyes as he stood 
from his seat, he hapharzardly shoved the book he'd been reading on the return 
flight into his carry sack and moved towards the Kamakura's exit hatch.  

Jaav had been relieved that other officer's were willing to pilot the shuttle 
on it's return flight from Earth.  Piloting anything was his least favourite 
past-time, coupled with the intense drain he felt after 'The United Federation 
of Planet's 64th Annual Mental Health Symposium' he had been infinitely glad to 
hand the chore over to younger, more enthusiastic individuals.  

Jaav stepped onto the Vanguard and surprised himself with his thought...

'It's good to be home...' He wondered exactly when he'd begun to think of this 
ugly Romulan-Starfleet hybrid ship as 'home'.  It was true enough, he could 
think of no other place he'd rather be (except of course RIsa in the middle of 
a artificially stabilised, perfectly climate controlled summer), this was where 
his family was.  

As Jaav eagerly, but slowly made his way to his quarters (thinking of his bed), 
he was interrupted by one of the enlisted crewmen manning the shuttlebay.  

"Sir, the Captain requires you presence in the briefing chambers immediately.  
The senior staff are already in attendance.  I've been ordered to give you this 
upon your arrival."

The crewman handed Jaav a PADD and then dissappeared just as quickly.  Jaav let 
out a sigh,  he hadn't been able to sleep on the Kamakura,  the beds had been 
stripped out to accomodate additional cargo from Earth.  He'd been up for 26 
hours straight and the only thing that had kept him going was the thought of 
his own bed, he'd have to postpone that for now.  

Jaav scrolled through the briefing.  It was from Santos, contained portions of 
data from Starfleet command.  Jaav assumed it was what the other senior 
officers were hearing in the briefing chambers as he made his way to them.

Stepping into the nearest turbolift, Jaav tapped the wall controls, he was too 
tired to verbally give the computer his instruction.  He made his way to deck 
one...'Home sweet home...' he thought to himself with sarcastically.


OOC:  Sorry for being gone so long.  Thought I'd fabricate a ficititious reason 
for my absence.  The real reason is, I've started a new job, bought a car, 
failed a driving test and been generally frustrated with finances. (Welcome to 
the world my son!) But your friendly ship'd counselor is back in action and 
ready and willing to dispense a healthy and helpful dose of positive advice, 
for a small fee of course!  Welcome to all the new crewmembers, looking forward 
to Simming with faces old and new!

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