[USS Vanguard] Speaking of Vulcan..

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After: Da man for da job

Title: Speaking of vulcan


The mission appears relatively straight forward, though - escort the 
ship to its destination, then leave." He shrugged, wondering exactly what else 
there was that they saw to it.
[end of snip]

Jazz heard Keiran spoke and she shook her head, "Mr. Darkwater you should 
know," Jazz started softly, "That on board this vessel and with a mission of 
this magnitude, NOTHING ever go as planned." Jazz had read the former 
exo-biologist records and the vanguard seemed to get the missions that no one 
else seem to be able to handle. 

She watched the faces around her, "Well I wouldn't say nothing," Santos spoke 
up, "Some things sometimes goes as planned."

"And are we willing to take the chances?" Jazz asked, "What or whom will we 
loose if we do. The consequences of our oversight could be deadly."

Lt. Jg. Jazz "Rixx" falcon


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