[USS Vanguard] Going home

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She'ra took one last look around her quarters and
strung her twentieth century army bag over shoulders. 
She then turned and went out the door. As she entered
the base a security guard ran over to her.

Guard: She'ra? That you?

She'ra turned and smiled then opened her arms for the
brown hair guard.  Without any hesitations he fell
into them.

She'ra: Jay! It's good to see you.

He kissed her on both cheeks then on the lips.

Jay pulled out of her arms and looked at her pips.
With a smile he took her bags and held her around the
waist as they headed to the shuttle.

Jay: Lt. jg huh?
She'ra: Long story.
Jay: Come to dinner with me tonight and you can tell
me all about it.
She'ra: I would love to but I would like to go see
Je'ka and spend some time with him.
Jay: I'm sure your big brother wouldn't mind if I came
She'ra: He never mind Jay.

As they touched down Jay grabbed her bag and they
headed home.  She'ra stood in front of the door. She
didn't know whether her brother Je'ka would be happy
to see her. Jay opened the door and stood aside.

Jay: She'ra, after you
She'ra: Thanks.

She walked in and started to look around.  Everything
in her brother's apartment was exactly as she
remembered it.  It smelt just like him also. As if he
sensed that she wanted to do this alone, Jay stood at
the door. She'ra walked slowly further into the room.

She'ra: Je'ka? Je'ka?

She heard a sound behind her and turned to see what it
was with her hand on her phaser.  

She'ra: Je'ka?

The figure opened his arms and She'ra ran right into
them.  He held her close as she cried then led her and
Jay to a seat.

Je'ka: Shini... You're home. Would you guys like a

Je'ka poured three glasses of blood wine and handed
them out.  Then sat down.
She'ra: Je'ka, you know I hate it when you call me
Je'ka: But I can't help it. So how is life on the
She'ra: Could be better...
Jay: Tell him about the promotion.
She'ra: Yeah. I got promoted to Lt. jg from ensign.
Je'ka: Already? That is somehing. She'ra, I have to
ask you, did you...

She'ra puther cup down and paced infront of two of the
most important men in her life then turned to face her

She'ra: No. I haven't foound any of them.  
Je'ka: Why didn't you bring Lt. Mandrake?

Jay got up and stood infront of She'ra.

Jay: Lt. Mandrake? Who's he?
She'ra: He... He is my boyfriend. I think that's how
you say it in english.
Jay: Yeah, all these years you never so much as given
me the time of day.. is he Klingon?
She'ra: No, he's human..
Jay: See, So am I..

Je'ka got up and grabbed his bestfriend's shoulder.

Je'ka: It has nothing to do with you Jay...
Jay: Like hell it didn't.
She'ra: Look Cynan and I aren't in talking mode right
now and I don't want to talk about him.
Jay: What'd he? I swear if he laid a hand on...
She'ra: {interrupting} No, it's not like that.. Look I
need time to change and I will go with you to dinner

She watched as his shoulders relaxed and gave him a
kiss on the cheek then headed for her room.

Je'ka: She'ra

She'ra stopped and turned to face her brother.

She'ra: yeah
Je'ka: I'm glad you're here. Even if just for a little
bit, but I need to know what he did to you.
She'ra: Yes brother. 

She'ra walked away to get dressed for dinner with Jay

Lt. (jg) She'ra Khan


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