[USS Vanguard] Getting a Clue

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=^= Joint post by:

Lt. JG Roch Chase


Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald
Judge Advocate Genereal Officer


Aliyah decided to take a little trip to the holodeck before getting dressed for 
the reception. She needed a breather from everything she had seen already on 
the Vanguard. She walked in and started looking through the programs that were 
not personal and therefore were shared. She smiled as she saw one of a pool 

Roch groaned as he heard the message from She'ra. How could she leave and not 
say goodbye? He had asked the computer to locate her but the computer reported 
that she was not on board. He needed to get away. Just away. Without 
comfirmation he went to the holodeck. As he enetered he noticed a place filled 
with smoke and pool tables. He walked in and headed for the bar when he was hit 
in the back by something. He was not in the mood and would smash open a head if 
pushed. He turned but was surprised.

Woman: I am truly sorry.
Roch: Sorry?
Woman: I just poked you with this pool stick, I am sorry.
Roch: It's alright.

He walked to the bar. To drown his sorry.

Aliyah watched him and for some reason knew that he wasn't a hologram. She 
watched as he drank glass after glass. She then walked over to him.

Aliyah: don't you think you've had enough?
Officer: I'm not on duty now, ensign, don't tell me what to do.

Aliyah offered a hand.

Aliyah: My name is Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald.
Officer: What does your friends call you?
Aliyah:  Rix
Officer: Alright Rix, I'm Lt. Jg Roch Chase.
Aliyah: Intelligence.
Roch: Yeah, you?
Aliyah: JAG

Roch got up and walked away but she followed him. 

Roch: Leave me alone.
Aliyah: What's bothering you? You look like someone that just lost their best 
Roch: You could say that. She just.....left.
Aliyah: Maybe she had a good reason.
Roch: Yeah, maybe. All she said was thanks for my friendship and love. Is that 
supposed to make me feel better?

Aliyah could see the pain in his eyes. He obviously loved this woman. She was 
trying to cheer him up.

Aliyah: How about a game of pool?
Roch: Not in the mood.
Aliyah: Alright, I can take a hint.

She walked away.

Roch watched her go, then felt like a complete idiot.

Roch: Rix?

She stopped and faced him.

Roch: Thank you.

She only winked at him and continued out the doors of the holodeck.

Roch wondered where She'ra was and why she left. He had to know. She had a 
great life on the Vanny. She had Cynan, she had him. She had a friend in 
Highwaij, but still she left. He felt angry because he wished he had what she 
had. She downed what had to be his fiftieth drink and staggered out of the 
holodeck to his quarters. He then crashed into bed and tears ran down his 
cheeks. For the first time since his father told him he didn't love him, Roch 
cried.  For the first time in his life, he had lost a friend. A true friend 
that had shown him the same love and respect he put out to them. She had 
actually believed in him. He stared at the picture of her, him and Highwaij 
that they had taken after She'ra and Highwaij had went boxing. He picked it up 
and hurld it at the wall.

Aliyah wondered what was wrong with this crew. Someone was in something of 
another. She could not talk with the captain because he was otherwise occupied. 
There has got to be someone on this tin can that wasn't in a bad mood. She was 
no counselor but the feeling she was getting from most of the crew was a sense 
of loss.

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