[USS Vanguard] Getting A-Head

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Lt. JG. Cynan Mandrake.
Location: Somewhere in the Galaxy.
Time: After "Troubles Ahead" (Andy).

Subject: Getting A-Head.

[Snip from "Troubles Ahead" (Andy)]
And at that moment, light years away, Kieran Darkwater was observing
the subject of Sayer's and Santos's conversation.

He had been watching and following for days, waiting for a chance to
get Mandrake alone.

He watched as the leader of Mandrake's "cell" met up with leaders from
another cell. Mandrake was dismissed to guard the front while the
meeting took place.

Darkwater ran, head low, toward Mandrake.

Darkwater had not taken the hint, and instead of heeding the warning shot days 
ago, had been following Mandrake closely, trying to figure out what in blazes 
was going on. What was Mandrake doing on a remote Vulcan moon? And stealing 
rare artifacts? And then firing a shot at him (Kieran)! He needed answers, and 
he needed them now.

A meeting between the two cells was underway and Mandrake had been left to 
guard the surroundings from any intruders that stumbled where they shouldn't.

Darkwater approached from the east, keeping low and undercover - Mandrake was 
totally unaware (perhaps if he'd been paying attention, rather then plotting 
his rise to power, he would have heard Kieran sneak up from behind).

Grabbing Mandrake and pushing him up against a wall, Darkwater proceeded to ask 
just what the hell was going on.

Kieran: "What the hells going on, Cynan!? You shot at me the other day, damn 
near took my head off!"

Cynan: "Evidently you lived.", Mandrakes tone was dry.

Darkwater's thoughts were also not really on the moment at hand, as he wasn't 
just holding any old scum to the wall. His grip was loser then it should, and 
Mandrake was soon able to dig his elbow deep into Darkwater's side, causing the 
grip to loosen even more grip and allowing Mandrake to spin around and gain the 

Cynan: "You should have stayed away."

With a shimming of light and sound made from metal scraping rock, Mandrake 
pulled out his katana [as if by magic eh, heh] and held it up to Darkwater's 
throat. The blade slowly rose up along Darkwater's skin, forcing him to lift up 
his head as far as it would go and ultimately, giving him one of the closest 
shaves he'd ever had.

Cynan: "This isn't the Event Horizon, or the Holodeck and it most certainly 
isn't a game. I'm sorry, but you really should have stayed away. Now turn arou."

Kieran: "Cya."


Darkwater slowly turned, the blade almost cutting into his neck.

Kieran: "You don't have to do this Cynan. It's not too late."


Mandrake took the butt of the katana and hit Darkwater over the back of his 

Cynan: "Its was always too late, my friend. You just never knew it."

Looking down at Darkwater's unconscious body on the floor, Mandrake rose up his 
sword ready to strike.

Cell Leader: "Cynan! Come!"

The Pitt Contract was still keeping him low down in their ranks and there was 
nothing worse then taking orders from a man more incompetent then yourself - he 
hated it. The only real way of succession in the gang was by execution - a bit 
like in the mirror universe. It was a cruel and merciless path that had been 
laid before him, but one that Mandrake had chosen to take a long time ago, 
before the gang, before the Vanguard and before the Astoria and so it was with 
very little thought that he did what he did next.


A blow to his cell leaders head, and he was down. The others each passed a 
glance to each other, and then to Mandrake bowing their heads slightly to show 
approval. There was a new sheriff [or should I say villain] in town, and his 
name, was Mandrake.

[To Be Continued...]

-- Cynan/Mark.
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