[USS Vanguard] Trying to gorget

  • From: lela chambers <ensignkhan@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 13:54:48 -0700 (PDT)

She'ra walked into her office and watched the door as
it closed. She breathed deeply and turned around.
Everything was painfull to look on but she was
Klingon, she could take it. Right?  She picked up a
PADD and went over it. Seh kept going over the same
line over and over and nothing sunk in. Her mind kept
going back to Cynan and what had happened. She hurled
the PADD across the room swearing every profanity that
she ever heard and some of her own.

She'ra: Why didn't he trust me?! 

She'ra buried her face in her hands and would not let
the tears fall. She refused to cry over a man that
didn't love her. She would try her best to forget. 

She picked up another PADD but replaced it when the
urge to hurl it came over her. She would have his head
if and when he gets back. She will make him pay for
all the pain that she was going through. Maybe Jek'ka
was right. Maybe he wasn't coming back.....

[to be cont.]

Lt. (jg) She'ra Khan
uss vanguard

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