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OoC: The following post was sent to me by the player who RP's Aliyah Lopez:

Aliyah walked out of her quarters and toward her office. she had a cup of 
coffee in one hand and a PADD in the other. she had been reading up on the 
latest cases and almost laugh out loud when she saw one of the lawsuites.
She walked into her office and looked down at her desk at the pictures on it. 
her sisters Kimberleigh, Lea and Ma'an were in it. She smiled at how happy they 
were and sat down. Picking up a frame beside that. It had her, her brother 
Jonas in it and her three sisters. She was hanging off Jonas's back and 
laughing. She remembered how hard her sides had hurt that day. She had laughed 
all day long. They had spent the day together at Lea's place with Lea's husband 
The whole family had dinner together and afterward they played a large game of 
football before they had all callasped on the ground panting for air and 
laughing. that was a good day.
She placed the frame down and got up. Walking to her window she stared out. The 
stars whizzed by and she smiled with satisfaction. She did not know why she 
came to the office but she was there and she felt better. there was nothing for 
her to do. She was going home.
Maybe her family was right. Maybe she needed to relax a bit and get to know 
people. The one person she had let seen her vunerability was Dominic and that 
was to help him. She hated the fact that she had to do that but she did and now 
she couldnt go back. She dragged her eyes from staring off at nothing and 
sipped from her coffee.. She was about to walk over to her replicator when her 
door chimed.
"Enter," She called.
[I know you all dont do tags but I figured she needed to meet the crew anyways]

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