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From Christopher Jackson

Capt. Soman Drath
U.S.S. Marathon
Launch day

Soman: So Admiral Janeway says, ?I knew he had an off switch and I still left 
him on.?

Ana giggled.  She always liked a good joke.  She and Soman stood in the main 
turbolift, awaiting arrival on the bridge.  

Soman: So, are you alright? How are you feeling?

Ana: I?m fine.  My uniform is a little tight. Could you check it?

Ana gave Soman a wry smile as the two exited the turbolift.  He acknowledged 
little joke quietly and in the dignified manner a Captain should.  He?d set 
himself up again.  Soman knew that she was fine.  She and the rest of Marathon 
were in top condition.  He still felt the need to ask Ana how she was, even now.

Ana Leonov is probably one of the most intelligent people in the Federation, 
and she?s only 21 years of age. In her 2nd year at the Academy, she created a 
refined equation to predict the exit points of unstable wormholes.   After 
graduating from Starfleet Academy at the top of her class, she was offered 
positions with Utopia Planitia, Starfleet medical, the corp. of engineers 
department, The Federation science council, and any other department within 
Starfleet.  Her dream; however was to be an explorer.  Signing aboard the 
U.S.S. Hermes as it?s navigation officer.  She was well on her way to a 
starship of her own until about six prior.  

During a routine away mission, Ana was and her team were caught in a isolytic 
storm and had to take shelter in a cave.  To protect everyone, Ana jury rigged 
the tri-corders to emit an isolytic deflector screen at the mouth of the cave. 
She succeeded but as she turned to rejoin her companions, a freak power surge 
shot through the deflector and struck Ana in her back.  The Hermes ultimately 
succeeded in its attempts to beam out the team but for Ana, it was too late.  
After several hours of attempts, Ana?s body could not be repaired.  Though her 
mind was fully coherent and functional, her body was effectively totally 
paralyzed.  The chief medical officer of the Hermes managed to fashion a ocular 
interface which gave Ana very limited communications capability.  However her 
career in Starfleet seemed to be over.

Five years later, however, she had the forturne of meeting Admiral Dominique 
Santos who introduced her to a newly appointed captain of a ship that had not 
even been built yet.  Soman was also going through a personal tragedy of his 

In order to operate the proposed trans/fold warp drive system,  a living mind 
would still have to be integrated into a starship?s systems in order to make 
the necessary computations.   Admiral Santos, aware of both this and Ana 
Leonov?s situation, endeavored to solve both in one shot.  Ana agreed to become 
neural- link integrated into the new ship and was allowed to remain in 
Starfleet. Soman, to his credit, did her one better.  His proposed design of 
the ship called for extensive usage of holographic imaging.  This coupled with 
the reproduction of the mobile emitter from the Voyager?s doctor gave Ana back 
something she never thought to have again.  While her body resided in the 
Neural-link interface room, below the bridge, she had free range of movement 
around the ship as a hologram.  Once again, she served as ships navigator, as 
well as providing the computational power for the trans/fold warp drive.

Soman stepped on to the bridge and was taken by how different it was from the 
day before.  There were no open access ports or harried technicians or blinking 
readouts.  The bridge was fully operational.  It was laid out like a standard 
starship bridge with a major difference.  Con and tactical were both in front 
of the center seat with engineering, and Ops/ communications to either side.  
Soman gave Challis a knowing wink as he passed.  However, the structure of the 
bridge seemingly ended at the foot of the Con and tactical consoles.  Soman 
looked straight ahead into space.  Looking up, Soman saw stars as well. For 180 
degrees around the front of the bridge, all that could be seen was open space.  
The view also extended above the captain?s chair. 

Soman: Challis, how?s the holo-view holding up?

Challis: It?s stable and accurate.  In fact, I?ve already had two crewmen 
report to sickbay for false vertigo.  Incoming message.  It?s from Admiral 

Soman: Wanting to give us a send off.  Put it through.

Soman sat down.  He remembered his chair being more comfortable than it was at 
the moment.  He?d just completed an diagnostic of Astoria? s communications 
array and everything checked out.  If that runabout came through that wormhole, 
the same as Astoria, there was no sign of it in subspace.

Snip from Archive post 10/10/99

Lt. Stark began to deploy teams throughout the ship to make Astoria
ready, security wise for any activity.

Stark: Soman, I'm still not convinced about that runabout. Sensor
readings just don't mesh for my tastes. See what you can find.

Soman: I can check over those last communications we received from
them. There might be something there.

Soman brought up a graphic of the Calypso's last communication and
overlayed it with Astoria's reply.

Soman: okay, well first there's the frequency differential. We've
established that they're using an older frequency; one from before the
escalation of the war. This however is curious.

Soman highlighted a small area between the two communications. Stark
looked closer at the screen.

Soman: there hasn't been any real great advance in communications
technology in the last 5 years so even though there seems to be a gap in
frequencies, the equipment used to transmit is going to be the same.
Well, here's the curious thing. There's a 0.7 phase variance between
our transmission and theirs. There are only two things that can cause
that. The first would be a matter-antimatter explosion right at the
point of transmission.
and the second . . . .

Sam emerged from the turbolift as the words left Soman?s mouth.

Sam: A fractionalization of the timeline leading to a macroscopic 'crease' in 

Lee: Which means WHAT in connection to our current situation? Slowly please

Sam: <winces> Well... erm. The general theory is that wormholes connect two
points in space right?

Lee: Correct.

Sam: And pretty early on we proved that space and time are one and the same.

End snip.

Soman looked up and around the bridge.  Everything was normal, it seemed.  
Stark was at tactical, Highwaij and Captain Lee were there.  Astoria was the 
same as she ever was, yet something seemed unusual to Soman. . . like he?d done 
this before.


OOC: Okay, yes, Soman has flipped backwards in time to the Astoria period.  
Specifically, the DS10 mission.  

Kirk: Spock, where the hell is that power you promised me?
Spock: One damn minute Admiral.

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