[USS Vanguard] Dutch Courage

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Sorry! ... Seem to keep saying that at the moment lol just when I think I'm 
back with time to post something else seems to crop up! 

Anyways *fingers crossed* I'm back now just played catch up on the posts I've 
missed, Zena was promoted! wow! totally unexpected thank you for that Andy :-)

Lt. Commander Zena Quetan
Zena's Quarters
Following on from Andy's last post

Santos left silently after breaking his news to Zena and Jaav.

As the doors to her quarters closed behind him she leaned forward resting her 
elbow on her knees, rubbed her head and sighed. 

"Well I don't know about you but I could use a drink right about now!" She said 
to Jaav as she pushed herself up from the couch and began to walk over to the 

"Scotch on the rocks" she ordered

The replicator whirred and seconds later the glass appeared. She gripped it 

"I thought you didn't..." Jaav began, but before he could finish his sentence 
Zena necked the drink 

"Like scotch" Jaav finished 

Zena coughed a little and held a hand to her throat as if to try and ease the 
burning sensation "I don't" she answered in a feeble half whisper, coughing 
once more to get her voice back "but" she continued "Ehran always used to drink 
scotch in situations such as this, used to help clear his head and calm him 
down, thought I'd try it"

"And has it worked?" Jaav asked 

"Well, the burning sensation in my throat and the nauseous feeling...definitely 
took my mind off things for a second" Zena replied with a grin

She walked back over to the couch and sat back down next to Jaav

Jaav couldn't help but shake his head and give a small chuckle "So you think 
things are really that bad you need to turn to the hard stuff?" he asked, the 
conversation becoming a little more serious now.

"This is probably going to be one, if not the most important mission we've ever 
had to face, I mean the Borg, we're going to willingly travel into Borg space 
without any back up to attempt to sign a treaty all on the word of this 
"Walker" I just...I just don't know."  Zena replied 

"Well the Captain obviously has some faith in Walker to even consider 
proceeding with this" Jaav said with his calm soothing voice

Zena nodded "And I have faith in Dominic, I just can't see all this going 
smoothly or without blood being spilt there's always a high price to pay, 
especially when it comes to treaties, there's always someone that disapproves. 
And the unnerving part is, this time it could be Starfleet."

"And are you prepared to face the consequences if it is? Can you do what Santos 
has asked of you?" Jaav asked inquisitively

Zena paused momentarily considering her answer "For this ship? and for this 
crew? Yes" 

Jaav smiled and pulled her close to him kissing her forehead "Well I'm going 
back to bed for a few hours, you coming?"

Zena ran her fingers through his soft dark hair and smiled "I'd love to but I 
doubt I'll be able to sleep, too much going on up here" she said tapping her 
head gently 

Jaav nodded "Would you like to talk some more? I can stay up with you if you 
like?" he asked trying to hold back a yawn

Zena kissed his nose "Counsellor... go get some sleep, one of us should at 
least look bright eyed and bushy tailed for the meeting, if we both go looking 
like we've been dragged through an Andorian privet hedge backwards, well, 
rumours will start to fly"

Jaav laughed before responding with "Yes ma'am" he then stood up and headed off 
to the bedroom

Zena remained sat on the couch for a few minutes longer, then rose and walked 
over to the dinner table where she had left a white loose fitting vest and 
trouser set, she changed quickly, tidied her hair up and headed out for a walk.

She arrived back at her quarters a couple of hours later and showered to 
freshen herself up for the meeting, she put on her clean, crisp uniform and 
stood in front of the mirror, she ran her finger across her pips, the new one 
felt out of place.

Jaav and Zena arrived at the meeting together. Santos explained Darkwater, 
McCaw and Mandrake's mission which was new information to her then went on to 
inform the rest of the staff about what they had discussed only a few hours ago.

Everyone was being given a chance to leave by 1100 hours.

After the meeting had ended Zena did as instructed and briefed her staff, but 
as she suspected, no one had opted to leave, instead they began to make 
preparations for what was to come...what ever that might be.... 

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