[USS Vanguard] Waiting Games

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  • Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 21:20:36 +0100 (BST)

Lt.Sam McCaw
Onboard the Coba Del Ray, tethered to a big rock
After Cynan's post

ooc: just wanted to keep things alive

The interior of the Coba Del Ray was a patchwork of shadows cast by the dim 
emergency lighting, all the ships systems we running at their lowest levels to 
avoid detection. Sam was confident that only someone who knew they were there 
would find them, but that was just about the only thing he was confident about. 
"Computer, time." He didn't realise that he'd whispered. 
"The time is 1807 hours." Three more hours until the asteroid's orbit took him 
out of optimum transport range. Wishing for the hundredth time that he could 
risk and active scan, Sam stood up and began to pace.

Time dragged. 

Sam wished he was with Cynan and Kieran, at least then he'd know the score. 
Still, they should make contact in the next few hours, if they didn't he'd have 
to tip their hand by coming to look for them.

On the planet, Cyan and Keiran had problems of their own...
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