[USS Vanguard] Des, Des, where forth art thou?

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After: Feeling Froggy..no kidding

Roch knelt next to Des and felt for a pulse. she had
one but it was weak. He lowered his head to press
against her heart to make sure. He felt it beating. He
heard it.

He felt her ankles, her knees, her head, her shoulders
for broken bones. Her spinal cord. Someone had smashed
his tricorder and he wasn't very pleased. When he was
satisfied that she could be moved, he picked up her
head and rested it on his knees. He then placed his
the heel of his palms between her breasts and pumped
her chest. He did that a few times and then Des began
to cough.

He raised her up, "Did we win?" Des asked.
"Well it's good to see you too," Roch gave her a

Des only gasped for air and grinned at him. She then
looked around.

"where are the others?"
"Don't panick," Roch told her while helping her to her
feet, "They went to secure the Tomago."

Des tried to do a little jump for joy but she almost
fell. she gripped his shoulder to steady herself.

"Can you walk?" Roch asked her.
"I-I think so," Des told him. She tried to take a few
steps but couldn't.

Roch bent at the waiste and picked her up into his
arms, "We got to go."

Lt. JG Roch "Reaper" Chase

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