[USS Vanguard] Feeling Froggy..no kidding

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After: Feeling Froggy
By: Ensign Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald, Judge Advocate General Officer

L?Vol: Give it up, Commander.  This is not logical.  You?re people
are outnumbered, onboard a ship you barely have a chance of
[end of snip]

"That's it!" Aliyah heard the word illogical and immediately she started moving 
toward L'Vol. A strong hand pulled her back. Everything had gone so fast, And 
what the hell did feeling Froggy mean? She looked at Soman but decided to ask 
him later. Right at the moment they had work to do.

Aliyah could feel the tension eminating from her crewmates. Even though they 
looked cool underfire she could feel their aprehension. Their fears. Their 
tensions. She shook her head and turned at Soman's voice

Soman: We enjoy a challenge.   Conner, D?Angelo, Jazz, Highwaij take
the transporters.    The rest of you follow me.  Roch, I want you to
hang back and look after Des.  Let?s go.
[end of snip]

She turned to see Conner, D'Angelo, Falcon and Highwaij heading out. Des was 
still laying on the ground and Aliyah made for her  but then she heard soman 
agian telling Roch to take care of her.

The huge man nodded at Soman and walked over to Des. The last Aliyah saw before 
she was ushered out was Roch kneeling next to Des.

They walked through  the corridors following Soman. Everything seemed quiet. 
Almost too quiet but that was what happened everytime something was about to 
happen. Then she sensed it. She grabbed Soman by the arm and stopped him. "What 
is it Aly," he asked. Aliyah pointed to the bulkhead. "I'm sensing fear," she 
told Soman.

"That's easy," Connor spoke up, "It's coming from us."
"No," Aliyah whispered, "I feel someone else and whoever it is, is waiting for 
us around that bulkhead!"

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