[USS Vanguard] At a moment like this

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 14:29:54 -0500

Time: After Encrypted PADDs
Ensign: Aliyah-Amores Lopez-Fitzgerald
Title:  At a moment like this

Aliyah heard the words between Highwaij and Zen and smiled. Desdemona was busy 
at a side station that was not typically on a federation vessel of any sort. 
aliyah was now was sitting at what looked to be the CONN station. She looked 
over the station before she sat down. She was about to start whe something 
caught her eyes. She pulled out her tricorder and scanned it. "Falcon," she 
called, "Check this out."

She looked back as she heard Jazz walked up behind her. Jazz scanned it then 
looked at Aliyah, "That's blood," she reported, "Human."  Aliyah nodded at the 
confirmation then scanned over more on the station. "I'm picking up small 
residues of Bragatoplyn," she reported. "What's that?" Zen asked as she walked 
over to where everyone had now gathered, "not many people knew about this so I 
am only telling you because we are in this rut," Aliyah started, "An epidemic 
broke out on Cardassian three years ago. It was kept under wraps. They named it 
the Macad Virus. Starfleet was trying to help find a cure for it but instead 
came up with the Bragatoplyn. But I thought all traces if it was eradicated." 
Everyone turned to look at Quetan. "I've heard about the Macad Virus," she 
explained, "But was never told that Starfleet had anything to do with it." 
Highwaij's forehead wrinkled, "why am I not surprised that they were." it was 
more of a rhetorical question, "How do you know about it?" he asked Aliyah.

Aliyah hesitated before answering, "One of my clients was in volved with it." 
She turned around again, "So you're telling us," Falcon began, "that 
this...this bragatoplyn is here on the tomagao?" Aliyah nodded. "It is deadly 
to humans, but to a betazoid like me, it is even more so."

"What do you mean?" Quetan asked for clarification.
"IT means," Aliyah started looking at each officer in turn, "That if any of us, 
humans or betazoids inhaled this chemical? The humans are dead in two hours if 
they are not treated quickly enough but the betazoid is not likely to survive 

"well all," Highwaij got up, "it seems, we have a problem."

Desdemona who had been quiet all the time spoke up, "What about me?" she 
questioned. Aliyah grinned sadly at her, "You'll be fine. Your body has what to 
fight the bragatoplyn." 

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