[USS Vanguard] RPG: Wrong Time Bubble

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  • Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 21:27:06 +0200

Rank : LtJG Denville d'Angelo
Place: USS Tomonaga
After: Encrypted PADDs

"All right, teams, it looks like we do this the hard way. Bravo, get =
down to
Engineering and re-establish computer access controls. Charlie, start
reconstructing the events on the Tomonaga. Alpha, you're with me.

"Let's go."

Alpha team entered the turbo lift. "Won't work Captain", says Vogel.
"Perhaps the Jeffrey's Tube behind here", Deville says while removing a
panel, "is the best way to get to the armory or sickbay."

"I will go first", says Vogel and enters the tube to head down. "Ladies
first", the Captain says and helps Droin to enter the tube.

Slowly Alpha teams heads down the tube. The hazards suits don't make =
in a Jeffrey's tube very easy. Denville looks up, the darkness limits =
view. Suddenly all lights on the ship are lighted. "Captain, bravo team =
have reached engineering and restored power." Denville looks down. =
is the rest of my team?"", he thinks.

The sound of talking people and the tremble of a warp engine made =
hair raise. ""Rats, I have entered a time bubble!""

Denville keeps on walking down the Jeffrey's tube. ""Perhaps I can walk =
of the bubble, the Gemini shield should help""

Darkness, emptiness -=3D:: ::=3D- void, weightless

"Lt D'Angelo are you all right? Lt can you hear me?"

Soft sounds are getting louder. Carefully Denville raises his eye lids.
Blurred he sees the face of Xrista.

"Lt can you see me?"

"Doctor, what...", mumbles Denville, "happened?"

"You fell from the tube, dude", Vogel says with a cynical undertone.

"Your hazard suit saved you. Can you get up", the captain asks, "and =
explain what you were doing?".

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