[USS Vanguard] A Slave and a Master.

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"Boy" (Cynan Mandrake).
Location: The King's Head Tavern
Time: After "Aerissa: magic and sadness" (Seth).

OoC: I'm back too... btw, is Aerissa an NPC or what? and can we use her as we 
wish like all other NPCs? Oh and if this post is a lil urgh, I er, dunno what 
to do! help! lol.

[King's Head Tavern]
The boy watched the gathered argue amongst themselves, lurking in the distance, 
hiding behind those who would not know. For whatever reason this rabble had 
been assembled, they each had their own "gift", something that was needed to 
fulfill a quest that was worthy of any knight... and any would-be knight.

It was hours before they had sorted things out, but nevertheless they had and 
were now on they're way.

Leaving the town had been quite a disturbance, de Santos and Sir Drath 
continued to fight for command of the group, neither willing to give even an 

The next place on the map was Longlands village.

[Longlands Village]
Everyone was so busy with each other, there differences, and where to find 
shelter for the night it was quite easy to slip away; it wasn't like his master 
needed him, besides, tending de Santos's stead at the village stables would 
surely weep him rewards.

[The Town's Stables]
The stead was a mighty beast if ever he had seen one, too mighty for even the 
best of men, let de Santos road it with statue and command.

When the boy approached, the horse reared back, letting only its master get 
close, no one else, not a strange boy, not a mere street urchin, but the boy 
stood still, eyes a light, staring into the beasts, giving off a gentle calm 
and a moment later the horse had settled. 

A slave he was, but a master he was also.

[Golden Gate Inn; 2 minutes earlier] 
[Snip from "Mysterious Stranger" (Mel)] 
.she sat down in her chair and closed her eyes, all she could do now was 
[End Snip] 
A large bang on a nearby wall startled her, nearly causing her to fall from her 
resting place and onto the hardened floor. 

It had come from the stables that were on the other side of the Inn, something 
was a miss, Zena just had to go investigate. Any trouble at her Inn would not 
be good for business. 
There she stood, outside of her Inn, watching a boy calm a beast more then 
twice his size. A wonder of something odd, of something special was in the air. 

Her amulet began to glow, and even more so when the others grew near. The group 
was nearly complete, only one (or a few? have I forgotten anyone? I'm thinking 
Chantel) more gem had let to light.

de Santos/Sir Drath: "Who goes there!?", they both shouted at the stranger 

Another place, another fight, they both looked at each other in disgust and if 
it hadn't had been for the strangers gentle tone; blood could have been drawn 
that very night.

Zena: "Please! Please! Do not fight! Won't you come in for a drink and some 
shelter for the night?"

Her soft voice soon won them over and as they slipped back their blades into 
their sheaths, they ventured into her abode. The boy however was still at the 
stables, there was something about him that stood out to her but she didn't 
know what. She whistled to him, beckoning him to follow, to which he did.

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