[ncpm] basically it's still a scandal

  • From: "Mr Alf" <whybother1984@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 04 Feb 2003 18:41:21 +0000

And will the university be obliged to invest the £10 million they've scammed 
from us into community projects?

Will there be conditions and requirements on the university's use of the 

Who will be investigating the legality of ALL of this - from the failure of 
Music Heritage to present accounts and consult the charity commission about 
the sale, to the controversial attitude and lack of transparency demonstated 
by 'Yorkshire Forward'? What about the senior university figures involved on 
the boards of various quangos involved in this entire (potentially 
fraudulent) debacle?

I am appalled that the future of our 'cultural quarter' seems likely to 
consist of drunken students vomitting on the 'ncpm square' in transit from 
'their' students union to the tacky and intimidating lap-dancing club across 
the way.

All because of hidden land-bargaining deals that line the pockets of those 
whose agendas should be a WHOLE lot more accountable.

It's all totally lame and only serves to reinforce Sheffield's image of 
corruption and incompetence. To think foreign visitors are still toured 
around the CIQ in order to witness our 'unique success'!!!?

The whitewash on the windows of NCPM is the nearest to the truth we will 
get, I fear.

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