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>> And will the university be obliged to invest the =A310 million they've scam=
>> from us into community projects?
>> Will there be conditions and requirements on the university's use of the
>> building?
>> Who will be investigating the legality of ALL of this - from the failure =
>> Music Heritage to present accounts and consult the charity commission abo=
>> the sale, to the controversial attitude and lack of transparency demonsta=
>> by 'Yorkshire Forward'? What about the senior university figures involved=
> on
>> the boards of various quangos involved in this entire (potentially
>> fraudulent) debacle?
>> I am appalled that the future of our 'cultural quarter' seems likely to
>> consist of drunken students vomitting on the 'ncpm square' in transit fro=
>> 'their' students union to the tacky and intimidating lap-dancing club acr=
>> the way.
>> All because of hidden land-bargaining deals that line the pockets of thos=
>> whose agendas should be a WHOLE lot more accountable.
>> It's all totally lame and only serves to reinforce Sheffield's image of
>> corruption and incompetence. To think foreign visitors are still toured
>> around the CIQ in order to witness our 'unique success'!!!?
>> The whitewash on the windows of NCPM is the nearest to the truth we will
>> get, I fear.
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