[ncpm] NCPM Consultation Confirmed

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 14:20:05 +0000

Forwarded for Andy Muir <andy@xxxxxxxxxxx>

In response to recent posts, the NCPM Consultation has now been confirmed by 
the CIQ Agency as follows:


Thursday 17th October 2002

The Showroom, Paternoster Row, Sheffield.

Proposed Schedule:

5.00pm: Screening of the BBC's "Pop goes the Museum" at the Showroom Cinema

6.15pm: Public Discussion in Showroom 5 "Future use of the NCPM"
The CIQ Agency and associated partners in the CIQ are to host a public
meeting for interested individuals and organisations in the City to
share information and discuss the options for the future use of this key


So.... those are the words to spread.

Interesting comments about theatre space, as there is clearly a lot
of potential for this kind of studio style production space, and
indeed some precedent already. The same goes for dance - with
various professional, amateur and community-based groups having previously 
used Soundscapes, Turning points, Atrium, Foyer, Shop (as was!) and Cafe 
areas to great effect.

A flexible multi-use venue area would be a very valuable space in
the ncpm building, providing much of that 'buzz' factor inside the building 
that has previously generated some brilliant events. Such
a space could also accommodate workshops, film work, and 
musical/film/corporate presentations/conferencing as well. Based on current 
fittings, this space is called 'Soundscapes' at the moment... It's 
acoustically the most suitable but other areas are adaptable too.

The potential and interest for this kind of use has been there from
the beginning, and has occasionally worked well when pushed by
outside agencies - but of course nobody within the recent 'wind-down' regime 
was that interested in developing the idea from within (or really in a 
position to, I suppose). Hopefully now this can change
and cultural considerations can inform what /should/ be a vibrant
and open creative centre - for the CIQ, for Sheffield and for South 
Yorkshire as a whole. (And with a 'national' profile, at least...)

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