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  • Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 17:05:29 +0000

A reply from Jan Wilson.  Anybody else got any feedback yet?

Also check tonight's Star - big feature on NCPM.

>From: "Wilson Jan (OTH)" <Jan.Wilson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: 'Bill Best' <billbest@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: RE: The Future of the NCPM Building
>Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 12:24:11 +0100
>Thanks for this. As you may know, the NCPM is not owned by the Council,
>however, I would like to exert whatever influence we have to ensure
>that its future use is compatible with the CIQ
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>From: Bill Best [mailto:billbest@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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>Subject: The Future of the NCPM Building
>Ms Wilson
>I am writing to register my concern over the future use of the former
>NCPM building in Sheffield.
>It is rumoured that this building will be sold to Sheffield Hallam
>University to use as either a Student Union building or as the new
>site for the Media & Culture Faculty. Indeed, SHU currently have
>some 'control' over the building.
>I have no particular axe to grind with regard to SHU or students in
>general as I am a graduate of Sheffield University and have lived in
>Sheffield for the past fifteen years since I finished my degree.  I do
>feel, however, that the NCPM building has been paid for by public
>Lottery money, it is an iconic building in Sheffield's Cultural
>Industries Quarter and its conversion to an academic department or
>Student Facility is inappropriate for the character of this area and
>the character of Sheffield.
>I feel that if the NCPM building was sold to SHU then another
>significant part of Sheffield's City Centre real estate will be
>dormant for 20 or so weeks of the year.  This is really not an >appropriate 
>use of valuable city land and buildings in England's
>fourth largest city.
>I could go on further but I think I have had at least registered a
>vote of protest.
>Yours sincerely
>Bill Best

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