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Markus Woessner wrote:
Hello everybody,

I'm wondering if the NAS2000 has 2 IDE channels, that is: Can I connect
a master and a slave drive?

Sure you can.
Space is a problem and I guess IDE-Cables are limitted to 45? cm if you
use a longer cable you may get strange io errors:-(

See attachments (sorry about the poor quality).
I was a bit worried about the IDE cable that was blocking part of the tiny fan inside the NAS, so I destroyed a notebook cooling pad and glued the fan on the outside, it generates a lot of wind! I know a lot of it is being blocked, but it's still better than it was...

The thing on the left is a regular USB harddisk, that's connected to the nas using the IDE cable you can see on the pics. It's automatically mounted and shared as \IDE2. The HDD even spins down!


Sorry for the question, but I'm still waiting for my NAS to come. That's
why I can't find out on my own but I'm curious.

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