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  • From: Jeremy Reynolds <jrolandreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "MUG London, Ontario." <muglo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 18:58:28 +0100

Yes, I'm an idiot, I ment RIGHT, not LEFT, see on...

on 23/06/2003 06:26 pm, Paul Thomas at paul_thomas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> on 6/22/03 9:06 PM, Alex at admeddemda@xxxxxx wrote:
>> anyone know of a program or menuling/dockling that will show all the
>> items on the mac desktop? In os 9 I had a CSM that did that, and it
>> was a lot more convenient than searching through my icon cluttered
>> desktop. Not to mention you dont have to close/minimize open windows
>> to see that cluttered desktop.
> This sounds an interesting concept!!  I am using OS 9 where does one get CSM
> or is it part of the system that I don't know about??
> Paul


Re; CSM, this is a Control Strip Module . The Control Strip is a default
feature of OS 9 and earlier, it usually sits on the bottom left of your
monitor. It maybe turned off if you don't see it, in which case go to:

Apple Menu/Control Panels/Control Strip

and see what the settings are.

To move the Control Strip: Option click and drag.

I assume Alex had a specific non- Apple Module to show his App's/Items.
Perhaps he can provide an URL for the download.

Otherwise in OS 9 click on the Application/Finder Menu at the top RIGHT of
your monitor and drag it onto the Desktop.

I hope I'm on the right track.




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