[mswindowsxp] Re: Sp1 kills my java

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At one time I had a problem with 2 conflicting Java Virtual Machines =
on my computer (one for IE and 1 for Netscape).  If the Netscape version
ran, Applications that required Java VM on my computer would Crash.  I
removed this from my Control Panel.

Just a thought.  Good Luck...

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When I installed sp1 for windows Xp, evrthng went bad....and I mean =
bad, I wasn't able to run many of my programs, anyhow, since while
installing I made sure to check the backup  option, I went to add/remove =
removed it, and guess what happens? It decided to remove the JVM with it =
well....meanin site with javascript weren't loading finely..so I decided
getting the sun java machine since there was no other way to get the =
one, and that didn't solve my problem since it wasn't doing a good =
I decided to upgrade my internet explorer, installed the sp for =
(called scripting smthng) so yeah, after a while I decided reinstalling
Sp1...this time thigs went a bit better and iwas able to run outlook and
internet explorer, so I went to the define access thingy, made sure that
Microsoft JVM is the actually java machine, and that internet explorer =
the default browser....but, for some odd reason, I still have problems =
javascript (well, it's the same problem that says "error:class doesn't
support automation"), also, my internet explorer is still not the =
browser even though I checked that in the tools->options (what's =
weird is that it asks me if I want to set it default, I select yes and =
the next tie I open Iexplorer same thing again asks me if I want to put =
as default....) hmm so yeah, I have a lot of problems related to that =
example, my internet keys on my Logitech aren't workin fine since I cant
open any internet explorer using them, links within some programs [like
trillian/help files/flash animations] simply don't work)

So yeah, I really would appreciate if anyone has smthgn to suggest to =
that stuff....oh btw, I already tried reinstalling internet explorer but =


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