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Was IPX/SPX installed? Have you installed Netware Client in the WinXP box? MS 
client for NetWare or the Novell client?  If neither, Path Not Found would be 
You can search the knowledgebase at support.novell.com for details on how.

Take a look at this thread:

Bill Beckett <Bill.Beckett@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks. Another XP question...this one Pro. 

I have a Pro machine that is in a workgroup, not part of a domain. There is
also a Netware server on the network which I would like to access. I have
installed IP, IPX and client services for netware. However, when I try to
browse, it just comes back with the message ... "network path not found". 

Can't browse, no option to login to the netware box. Any ideas?

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> Looks an interesting product, but it's an encryption utility, rather than
> a straightforward password-protection tool.
> FWIW, XP has encryption built in as an option on an NTFS partition.
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> Yes. Use MaxCrypt.
> Bill Beckett wrote:
> On XP home is there a way to password protect folders?

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