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Hi All,
We're back! Up recently at Mstation is ...

Music - David James Herbert used to front bands, then became a DJ, and now is a singer/songwriter. He talks to us from Edinburgh, Scotland. Interview
Software - How to leave Word and Microsoft behind - a chapter from Tony Bove's Just Say No to Microsoft. Book Excerpt
Hardware - Nokias N90, N70, and Digital Pen Review
Society - Ethical Shopping has been around for a little while, especially in Europe. We have a look at the thoughts and methods. Article
Art - In our new shop we have a sculpture built with computer keyboard keys. Shop
Games - We go along to a PSP and DS games promo day. Article Podcast - We talk briefly to Tony Byus from Tokyo's Marvellous Interactive about PSP and DS and Tokyo. Podcast
Our New Shop! - We've called it the Random Shop. It's small, has a variety of stuff but no t-shirts or baseball caps. Random Shop
Bleepfest - Did we mention our Bleepfest of computer music coming up in London on March 25, 2006? Did we, huh, did we?! Well, actually, we did. Never mind, here's more
New Pop/dance - Arctic Monkeys, At the Lake, Babyshambles, Clearlake, Cornershop, Indochine, Layo, Liars, Moby, New Born, Revolve Trance, Spektrum, Steve Angello Reviews
Classical - Bach, Charpentier, Dukachev, Franck, Greig, Pergolesi, Handel, Miles Davis, Mozart Classical Reviews
Books - Comic and Manga, Cult of iPod, Ending Spam, Google, John Evelyn, Michio Kaku, Mac Music, OS X Tiger, PHP, Podcasting, Powerful Times, Record Label Marketing, Skateboard Art, Sound RecordingReviews

Hope you enjoy it.

-- http://mstation.org

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