[mso] Re: Future of Front Page?

  • From: "Anne Robson" <anne.robson2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <mso@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 14:27:48 -0000

Can I add an observation here please in response to the various comments
that have already been posted?  

I've been following this thread with interest.  I am a former "secretary",
now have my own small business.  I was a very reluctant convert to any
Windows products, having been a WordPerfect babe from my earliest days, so
it took a long time for me to migrate over to WYSIWIG type operations.  Word
is a necessary evil - oops tool - in business these days that has given
Microsoft a leg up into the domination of business software that IMHO it
didn't deserve in the early years.  Now, I'm not sure because I haven't used
anything else for so long.

As a small business owner I have to watch my pennies very carefully.  I have
just had to buy a new laptop, plus MS Office and luckily because I had a
standalone version of FrontPage 2000 I haven't needed to update to buy the
version of Office that includes FP *on this occasion*.  But I would have to
think twice if FrontPage were to be taken out of the suite on the basis that
there is an attitudinal difference about who uses what in Office.  I've
developed quite a few websites in my time, none of them needs to have
fantastic SEO features, most of them are for not-for-profit groups who
aren't bothered about being searchable and findable, just want to *be*.  I
have also done some commercial sites, which are being found on the net
without SEO, so I must be doing something right!  Basically, FrontPage suits
me very well, I have been happy with it and for the amount of usage I need
it is absolutely fine.  I've created my own themes, created asp tinkered
with all sorts of settings and like Greg I wouldn't want or need the extra
functionality that the likes of Dreamweaver offer.

I happen not to need Access, so I don't need the full whammy that would
bundle that.  But I do need Excel, Outlook, Publisher (which I also had
standalone), Word, and FrontPage.  Businesses have many different needs.
Given that so much that we buy is available as a *base model plus add-ons* I
would much prefer to see Microsoft developing an Office Licence, which then
added on the various products according to need, but at a more reasonable
cost than paying for each product separately as they are currrently priced -
at least as they are currently priced in the UK.  I know there are various
levels of MS Office available, but somebody (can't think who for the moment)
might only want Access, Publisher and Outlook.  The present bundling forces
purchasers to pay for features they don't want in order to get those they

All in all, the strongest reason for keeping FrontPage within Office is so
that we can come to this group and discuss it!  I too value the comments
about the different products in the suite, whether or not I happen to use
them.  Often what turns out to be a workaround in one product can have a
similar application in another program.  So keep it up guys n gals - the
help, the tuition, the debate and the support.  Last point - how sad are we
all that we have spent much of our trans-Atlantic weekends on this



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