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Is the pressure starting to show? A spell in the priory beckons.

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Same issue remains!
See my comment below.
Happy to show on Sunday.

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Well spotted. I attached the wrong version (this was a mid-disaggregation 
version of the rolled-up score). New version attached.

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Have a look at your HW scorers v scores. You have 7 scorers when we scored 5, 3 
scorers when we scored 4 and 2 scorers when we scored 3. In total it adds up 
for your sub totals to reconcile but you have probably wrongly posted two 
scores in match 1 from match 2 and 3.

Sorry for noticing but I was looking as I was not there.



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I was waiting for a new neat list

<Bears Stats (6).xlsx>

<Bears Stats (7).xlsx>

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