[mountainmilers] Re: Adjustments to the Whiskey Row course we've been running

  • From: Tom Hahn <tomhahn@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 12:02:49 -0700

There are so many jigs and jogs on this route already, I hesitate to add any more (don't want to get the speedsters, like Rob, dizzy withh too many turns...).

Also, I want to check this route's distance against the current 10k course, just to see how close they are... my couple of different mapping programs shows them the same, if not that the current course is a little shorter than this one.

See you then,

At 6:36 AM -0800 2/1/11, dave zelman wrote:
Tom, on Leroux, there is a horse shoe between Ellenbrook and Pioneer.

From: Tom Hahn <tomhahn@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: mountainmilers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Mon, January 31, 2011 7:41:43 PM
Subject: [mountainmilers] Re: Adjustments to the Whiskey Row course we've been running

Attached is a map of Dave's suggested route, zigzagging on Cherry and Birch, between Middlebrook and Linden... Though I straightened the weird jog I had previously on Sierra Prieta/Canyon Springs, and instead went straight down Leroux.

I drove this route this evening, and came up with about 6.15 miles on a pretty precise GPS. Maybe adjusting the start and finish a bit up/down the street will make up some of this?

And maybe it's all moot, if the City is really only concerned about Gurley... Can't think of a route that doesn't go up Gurley, other than the one we did for the Fire Dept. race.


Tried to follow all of that onTom's original map got lost. Not a boy scout sorry. Looking at the map, after coming on Crypress and making the jog,then at mile 4 can the distance be made up making a right turn on Sherry St., right on Linden left on Birch St?
 I get 5.97 miles starting at the Palace and ending at the normal finish.

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