[mnhu3acompuser] Re: New equipment for the Computer Users Group

  • From: Ron Clark <rclark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: mnhu3acompuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 11:07:48 +1100

Barry , The commitee have a grant that I will try to finance a new laptop


Barry Klein wrote:

> I have considered the suggestions for new equipment and come to the
> following conclusion.
> 1. Digital Camera for loan.
> This not satisfactory as it is difficult to determine if a person's
> system is suitable for its use. A minimum of Windows 98SE and a Version
> 1.1 USB port would be required, a reasonable amount of memery and hard
> disk space as well. Instruction may also be needed in the use of the
> camera and the software supplied with it.
> 2. New PC to replace the notebook.
> I estimate that $700 would buy a well appointed machine with a reasonable
> amount of future-proofing. It would include a reasonable 3D video card,
> 80 GByte hard disc, USB and Firewire ports. I need to know whether we can
> obtain a low cost Windows XP, if not, that could add $200. I would
> install Windows 98SE, Windows XP and Linux on the machine to give it
> maximum flexibility for demonstrations.
> Barry Klein
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