[mnhu3acompuser] New equipment for the Computer Users Group

  • From: "Barry Klein" <klein_b@xxxxxx>
  • To: mnhu3acompuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2003 15:09:39 +1100

I have considered the suggestions for new equipment and come to the
following conclusion.

1. Digital Camera for loan.
This not satisfactory as it is difficult to determine if a person's
system is suitable for its use. A minimum of Windows 98SE and a Version
1.1 USB port would be required, a reasonable amount of memery and hard
disk space as well. Instruction may also be needed in the use of the
camera and the software supplied with it.

2. New PC to replace the notebook.
I estimate that $700 would buy a well appointed machine with a reasonable
amount of future-proofing. It would include a reasonable 3D video card,
80 GByte hard disc, USB and Firewire ports. I need to know whether we can
obtain a low cost Windows XP, if not, that could add $200. I would
install Windows 98SE, Windows XP and Linux on the machine to give it
maximum flexibility for demonstrations.

Barry Klein

P.S. This is testing the mailing list setup.
  Barry Klein

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