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  • From: Dave McCandless <glorious@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 13:41:32 -0800

Yes Dawn, and the support can come from many others besides farmers. People that hold land jointly, like clubs, churches or schools may have land that could be producing food. They also have potential as customers. Maybe you could look into working with others that have the same goal or who would like to support your goal. We are farming on land that is owned by our cooperative, Fraser Common Farm Coop (1977). We are working about 5 acres .We have been at it for 20 years. The initial goals were in part, to produce food and a livelihood on small acreage. It works. We helped to start Glen Valley Organic Farm Coop in about 2000 which is 50 acres and about 60 shareholders, 4 of them are farming it. Check out their web site. Cooperation is the key to it. A draw back we haven't quite solved yet is how does a low income farmer builds equity for retirement. But we are working on it. This land does not belong to me, my creation, and yet it does. It belongs to all of us who have worked together with common values to build a successful farm. It gives me great pleasure.


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