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Hey all -
Like Tajh, our land partners and us [equaling 4 adults] are attempting to
be as self-sufficient as possible, growing our working home farm over the
next few years and trying to think ahead to value-added products or even
just valuable produce that we can start now and sell in a few years.

I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, a recently-published memoir of a
year of growing and eating locally by Barbara Kingsolver, and have gotten
to the point in the book where they are visiting 'fattorias' in Italy.
These are not 'fat farms' but real working farms that open their doors to
local tourists who come to work, get away from the city, and more
importantly, to eat and savour the local bounty. Its a huge industry in
Italy, and a wonderful idea I'd like to see us develop here as this may
help to support us financially (as we are also running a small eco-retreat
here), and we can share in the spreading of growing and living organically
and sustainably.

I'd like to see if there's interest in supporting this 'Agri-tourist'
economic development and to see where we may be able to develop
partnerships and other related activities. i look forward to the next
microfarm forum!

Joah Lui and Brett Heneke

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