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Sorry, I'll be here for our Meteor Night.
I'll pass this along to college students that might need/want to help.

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Hi all-

I am running into a block with finding the last 3 vols I need for our birthday 
celebration Saturday night.  While it's great that most of my usual suspects 
are coming to enjoy the evening, it means  I am 2 days out and 3 people short.

I need 3 vols to help park cars from 5:30-7:00pm...and then help tear down from 
9-10pm.  If you volunteer you get to enjoy the party for free  ;)  Let me know 
if you, or a friend/loved one in need of service hours, is willing to come out 
to Loveland for a beautiful evening!


Terrie Puckett
Operations Manager

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