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I called Rob over at Gamer's Realm yesterday and got confirmation about =
my Shorecon 2003 ticket.  There was a burp in the system and he signed =
onto the web page and fixed it for me.=20

I guess you could say he is the guy behind Shorecon 2003 and I took the =
chance to ask him some questions about the con:

They are going to a totally online format for registration and keeping =
track of events because it saves a load of cash in printing costs (they =
took a bath over 2001 because it happened like one week after 9-11).  =
Also, events will be kept up to date rather than having the mismatches =
between what was in the program book printed one month before the =
convention and the actual convention.  Supposedly a lot of conventions =
are going the online route.

The reason they are switching hotels is because the Cherry Hill Hilton =
was doubling its price while at the same time calling Shorecon valued =

Check out their web page:



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