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  • From: Joe Leven <arctos_magi@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 5 Jul 2003 12:05:17 -0700 (PDT)

Sounds Great. Yondalla is a hearth goddess, Ehlonna is the godess of the 
wilderness and animals and Plants. Beory is fine by me. I just need to find out 
what her domains are so that I can pick the one I want.
Sigh... I'll have to let Tailcatcher go or change him to fit 3.5.
I'll level him that will be cool. 
Avonshar is ready. I just need to get the revised/leveled to 10 characters. and 
Is Frank going to start in the Avonshar game? if so I will need to see his 
Albright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Is Yondalla consider a nature goddess, or a goddess of the hearth? I'll
actually have to crack D&DG to check. I'm willing to work with Ehlonna or
Beory, but Yondalla is less likely, unless she has nature in her portfolio.
Pelor was also a distinct possibility, but less likely.

Levelling up to 20th is allowed. 21st level is not attainable until an
individualized quest is performed. You know have the capacity to
cross-over, but have to actually facilitate it.

As some of us discussed last night, I expect the next adventure to be the
final one for the Shadow-Taker (if not the non-epic campaign overall), and
we'll take an Avonshar break following it. I antcipate a 3.5 rebuild
night/day, and then we'll move on from there. The campaign is about to take
a major refocusing, and the break will help me figure out how the epic game
will work.

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> Hi Dru,
> I was wondering... Would it work better for Beory to be 
> Bolo's goddess? I only chose Ehlonna because she was all I 
> knew to choose from ot having access to the Greyhawk book. 
> There is no reason that Bolo couldn't "transfer" over to 
> Beory. I consider him to worship 3 Goddesses. Ehlonna (The 
> Maiden), Yondhalla (The Mother) and Beory (the Crone). 
> I would have no problem with him having the level in Divine 
> Emissary with Beory. But I don't want to make the change 
> unless it makes it easier for you.
> BTW.. At first I hated the idea of D.E. level but it's grown 
> on me and I love having access to the spells. plus I put 4 
> ranks into Sense Motive and 3 into Know/Religion. giving me 2 
> skills I have always thought Bolo should have.
> Also I made 20th level last time. should I add that in to 
> Bolo now or should I wait?
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