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Last night we had the first ever "New Moon Mothing and Beer Tasting at the 
Farm" event.
It was great fun. The weather was very mild. We had at least 4 species of moths.
Poison Hemlock Moth - Agonopterix alstroemeriana (surprise, there were 2)
Spring Cankerworm - Paleacrita vernata
Green Cloverworm - Hypena scabra
Straight-toothed Sallow - Eupsilia vinulenta 
Seven people participated.
Eight different beers were sampled.
Cerveza - Negra Modelo (Mexico)
Foster's - Lager
George Killian's - Irish Red
Lazy Magnolia - Southern Pecan (Nut Brown Ale)
Plank Road Brewery - Southpaw Light
New Belgium - 1554 (Black Ale)
New Belgium - Snow Day (Winter Ale)
Sierra Nevada - Tumbler (Autumn Brown Ale)
We enjoyed a variety of snacks and visited with the farm animals
2 Mini Horses
5 Mini Donkeys
8 Pygmy Goats
3 Baby Doll Sheep
1 Pot-bellied Pig
1 Great Pyrenees (big dog)
1 Barn Cat
We didn't visit the chicken house but we did enjoy some farm fresh deviled eggs.
I intend to do this again on Tuesday, Feb 21, 6:15 pm 
and each new moon at sunset through the rest of the year.
I will post invites and reports. 
Let me know if you would like to be added to the invite list.
Larry McDaniel
Jonesborough, TN                                          

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