MEBC-BUTTERFLY list serves as a forum for communications about butterflies with a network of amateur and professional naturalist and biologists covering Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. This is a list where butterfly enthusiasts or "butterfliers" discuss all aspects of butterfly life. The list is owned and managed by the Mountain Empire Butterfly Club. The list reports and receives butterfly sighting, daily field trip list or butterflies in your yard and gardens. The list shares timely information about outings and MEBC field trips and upcoming club events and meetings. You may also simply interact with members of the club. MEBC conducts this list to include both butterflies and moths. All levels of interest and expertise are welcome, as are all topics related to Lepidoptera. This is a list to help you meet the region experts: butterfly watchers, photographers, gardeners, naturalists, teachers and students can all learn from each other here. The list is not limited to butterflies. Moths, dragonflies, damselflies and whatever are of interest. EMBC has independent field trips, field trips at established events, a photography workshop and participation in area butterfly counts. The list keeps people informed of developments and upcoming events. MEBC-BUTTERFLY supports the gathering of distributional data and compiles the status for species throughout the region. This data provides an eventual base for those conducting biological research and for resource managers.

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