[macvoiceover] Re: arrow keys on Mac?

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Thanks, Chris.  No I wasn't, I didn't know any of this.  So, then to
interact with an item, do I press enter, or use the mousepad?




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For one, were you using the voice over keys with the arrow keys?  You need
to hit control+option while moving around with the arrow keys.


Then do vo+space, or in other words control+option+space to select an item.





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Hello all,


This is Donna Goodin, I was on the list a few weeks back.


I had a chance to go into an Apple store on Friday, and played around a bit
with a Mac.  One thing I noticed was that the arrow keys don't seem to do
anything, i.e. you can't use them to navigate around the screen.  Is this
normal?  If yes, how do you navigate the screen?  Using Tab kind of worked,
but it didn't seem to get you everywhere on the screen.  I did play around a
bit with trying to use the mouse pad, it was OK, but not very precise.  If
the arrow keys are supposed to work, what should I have done to enable them?



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